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Written by Michelle Pittman
on May 12, 2016



Creative agencies rely on their employees to make magic happen. Below, our best resources for keeping your work, health and mind in tip-top shape.

The working world is a weird place, each office with its own unique customs and norms. And there’s always a new lesson to learn or skill to master.

Here are our best resources for getting your professional feet wet:

Ask A Manager

Ask A Manager is the bible for job seekers, corporate ladder climbers, and everyone in between. Management consultant and former chief-of-staff Alison Greene deals with issues ranging from asking for a raise, evaluating potential job opportunities, dealing with a jerk boss and telling a coworker to stop hugging everybody (seriously).

The Fast Track

The source for “managing people, processes and projects” in the digital age, The Fast Track not only teaches professionals at every level how to get more done, it provides a broader understanding of the business environment and the issues that are surely weighing on your manager’s and clients’ minds.


“Tips, tricks and downloads for getting things done.” Lifehacker covers all aspects of life, from ultra-efficient workouts to paying off student loans. It not only helps you manage your overall health and well-being, but dives into work topics, from how different entrepreneurs manage their days to using psychology hacks to form more productive relationships with your teammates.

The Billfold

The point of work is still to get paid after all, so you might as well see how other people “do money.” The Billfold pulls back the curtain on what people earn, spend and owe and how they manage to save and repay debts, often while still finding the time and resources for their own creative pursuits.


Obviously, you can build, connect and keep tabs on your network on LinkedIn. But LinkedIn groups are also a great way to find and foster creative inspiration, ask questions you can’t get answers to on the job and connect with people from around the world who share their professional trials and tribulations. It’s a built-in support group, with an instant network builder attached.

 Click here for advice for your first creative agency job. 


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