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07 Mar 2017

The Kellyanne Factor: The Artful Dodge is Not Always So Artful as Public Relations Strategy

To the horror of some and amazement of others, Trump Senior Adviser Ke...

02 Mar 2017

Trump is the King of Earned Media

Donald Trump’s dominance of earned media is huge. No one else even com...

29 Dec 2016
Media Relations Video | 1 min read

The Top 10 Blogs of 2016 Part 2


03 Nov 2016
Media Relations | 2 min read

Five Tips for Getting Your Pitch Read

Crafting an email pitch should be a well-thought out process. If you’r...

01 Nov 2016
Media Relations | 2 min read

Should You Kill Your Press Release?

Press releases are still an effective media relations tactic—but they ...

20 Oct 2016

Turn No into Yes—Strategies to Improve Your Media Relations Efforts

Personalizing your outreach is essential to executing effective media ...

05 May 2016

The Art of Pitching

12 Apr 2016

JConnelly Video Blog: Drive Events with Media Relations & Video Storytelling

04 Mar 2016

Mastering PR: Promote Your Firm With Compelling Viewpoints

04 Mar 2016
Media Relations | 1 min read

Want to Spruce Up Your Media Image? Here Are Three Tips from Business Press Pros

04 Mar 2016

Top Tips for Maximizing Your TV and Online Appearances


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