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Bob Keane

Bob Keane is Editorial Director at JConnelly.
04 Oct 2018
Content Marketing | 3 min read

5 Things That Can Make Your Digital Content Go Viral

At the top of the wish list for any marketer or brand posting content,...

12 Jul 2018

When It Comes to Financial Literacy, What You Don’t Know Could Hurt You

A confident, can-do attitude is what’s defined the American persona si...

28 Jun 2018

How Financial Firms can Target a Millennial Audience

 Stereotypes about millennials say they are lazy, entitled brats who w...

07 Jun 2018

Want to Grow Your Business? Just Say “Yes!”

It’s almost always easier to be negative than positive—to say no rathe...

22 May 2018
Digital Marketing | 3 min read

4 Tips for Dealing With Negative Reviews

If you have a business that deals with the public, you will undoubtedl...

15 May 2018
Content Marketing | 3 min read

Should You Have One Space or Two Spaces After a Period?

I thought we had settled this, but publicity around a recent communica...

01 May 2018

4 Reasons Your Business Should Blog

  It’s become a cliché among writers to say “I hate writing but love h...

12 Apr 2018

Easy to Give Up Social Media? Probably Not.

Almost 60 percent of social media users responding to a recent survey ...

15 Mar 2018

Plain Language Can Help Address Financial Illiteracy

America has long been a land of contradictions. This is especially tru...

20 Feb 2018

Bitcoin Gave Us New Words to Talk About Virtual Money


01 Feb 2018

Financial Firms Can Use Content to Build Trust

With all the talk about “fake news” in the past two years, it’s not su...

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