ingredients_ebook_DD_Page_1-1Advances in technology give brands more ways to communicate
with their audiences. But more isn’t always better. Today, brands focus far
too much on checking all the boxes instead of creating a holistic strategy
that’s right for them.

Before you decide on a strategy, you need to make sense of all the
elements that go into a digital marketing program. Learn how a blend of paid, earned, shared and owned opportunities can produce an effective digital marketing plan.


Content includes:

  • The PESO model and why it's important for your digital strategy
  • Key marketing and PR tactics for paid, earned, shared and owned opportunities 
    • Paid: Social, search marketing
    • Earned: PR, influencer relationships, industry events
    • Shared: Social listening, forums, customer support
    • Owned: Blog, emails, video
  • Different types of platforms for implementing various tactics