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08 Jan 2019

The Opportunities and Dangers of Your Own Fiji Water Girl

    A woman no one knew upstaged all the celebrities on the red carpet...

29 Nov 2018

Get Inspired: 5 Style Guides to Help You Define Your Brand

What’s your brand’s style?  It’s not so easy to put into words. After ...

27 Nov 2018
Design Branding | 1 min read

3 Reasons Why You Should Have Brand Guidelines

Brand standards are a set of guidelines that define how to use brand e...

06 Sep 2018

Big Tobacco is Lighting It Up on Social Media and You Can Too

Big tobacco has always been ahead of the curve, at least from a market...

07 Aug 2018
Brand Management Branding | 3 min read

Want to Create a Strong Brand? Learn from the Zombies

The zombie craze is alive and well. From TV’s “The Walking Dead” to “T...

31 Jul 2018
Public Relations Branding | 3 min read

If Fruitcake Can Rise From the Ashes, What is Your Brand Capable Of?

In the world of public relations and product promotion, few wares have...

26 Jun 2018
Storytelling Branding | 2 min read

Selling Your Brand Story? Don’t Make These Mistakes

At the heart of every campaign is a powerful story. The problem is, ma...

21 Jun 2018
Branding | 3 min read

What Does Your Font Say About You?

Put away your bowl and spoon. With the introduction of Airbnb Cereal, ...

31 May 2018

Five Ways to Help Your New Brand Take Off

It’s a real conundrum. Startups need brand recognition to fuel growth ...

11 May 2018
Branding | 4 min read

Here’s How Brands Can Effectively Use Their Newfound Power

Are brands more powerful than politicians?

04 May 2018

Launching a New Brand? What You Say is Just as Important as What You Do

“Don’t judge a book by its cover.” It’s certainly a good rule to live ...

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