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Michelle Pittman

Michelle Pittman is JConnelly's Chief Strategy Officer
05 Jul 2018

Use the Summer Months to Catch Up on Communications  Projects

 Even though you may be taking things at a more relaxed pace, summer i...

03 Jul 2018

Real World Advice for 2018 Communications Grads


24 Apr 2018
Branding Brand Management | 1 min read

Does Your Brand Need a New Look?


06 Mar 2018

I Was a Content Marketing Failure:   Hard-Won Lessons from the Early Days of Inbound

"There is no disgrace in honest failure…What is past is useful only as...

08 Feb 2018

Failure is Good (in Life and in Communications)

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of attending PR News' Top Women in ...

25 Jan 2018

Top 12 Takeaways from the World's Leading Financial Marketers


19 Dec 2017

How to Make Corporate Philanthropy a Year-Round Endeavor


16 Nov 2017

3 Easy Ways to Share Your Brand Story

We’re a bit obsessed with storytelling because we understand the power...

03 Oct 2017

JConnelly's Foolproof Guide to Creative Idea Generation

It's time to retire "the creative breakthrough," the notion that creat...

12 Sep 2017
Content Storytelling | 3 min read

Redefining Modern Communications: A Checklist for Professional Communicators

Storytelling is a big, comforting blanket in a world that is increasin...

17 Aug 2017

How to Be a Visual Communicator, Even if You Don't Have Any Design Skills

Looks matter. Whether you're seeking a life partner, trying to upgrade...

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