You nabbed a feature or mention in a top news outlet—congrats! But don’t stop there!

 Once the article is published, or the interview airs, that’s only just the beginning. Here are three ways to extend the power of your media hits:


Your social channels (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Periscope) are powerful information engines, allowing you to distribute news directly to your target audience. By posting media wins, you encourage others to share, like, and comment—spreading your message to an even wider circle. Remember to credit the publication and the reporter that wrote the article, linking back to the original source. Be sure to include their Twitter handle(s). They’ll appreciate the exposure and will likely share it with their social media circle, as well.

When posting a press hit on social media, include the context of the interview. Avoid simply restating the basic facts: “check out this article I was quoted in.” Instead, summarize the spirit of the piece or pull out a brief and interesting quote or snippet.

For example, if I was going to socialize this blog post, I’d write something like this: “Extend the power of your media hits by following these 3 rules.” Numbers are a great way to grab the reader and let them know you’re giving out simple, actionable advice. Focusing on the message—instead of the time angle—will also extend your media’s shelf life.  

Post to Press Page

Update press highlights on your website. The “News” section is one of the most visited pages since it reflects the third-party endorsements your prospects want to see. Keep it fresh with press releases, contributed articles, video interviews, features and articles with company mentions and quotes.

Of course, you should be mindful of copyright restrictions. The goal is to boost viewership of the media outlet where you appeared, not hoard those page views for yourself. A good best practice is to highlight the name of the media outlet, the date your interview published or aired and a headline that hyperlinks back to the original story. You can summarize the context of the interview, or share some preview text (just keep it under 250 characters to comply with copyright and fair use policies).

If you have a blog, you can also share the news there, adding insights and points not explicitly mentioned in the article.


Include links to articles and broadcast interviews in your regular communications with clients and prospects by adding an “In the News” sidebar to your newsletters or emails. You can also develop a “Week/Month in Review” email that highlights media, as well as upcoming activities such as conference and event participation, webinars and educational commentaries.

Add a link to a great article or interview within your email signature and update it frequently with fresh hits.

When people see that you are being called upon by major media to contribute your perspective on relevant and on-trend industry topics, it builds credibility and boosts your reputation as a thought leader. Sharing these wins is an easy way to help build that reputation a little faster.


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