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on May 29, 2018

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Social media engagement is a great tactic to use to get your brand noticed and create relationships with your customers. But it’s also a place full of distracting noise, so brands and companies need to be strategic when posting so they get noticed by the right audience.

Here are eight tips to increase your engagement on social media:

1. Join the conversation.

This may seem obvious but it is important to be involved in any conversation existing around your brand. Many brands put out content but do not engage. If you want to build your engagement, you need to partake in the conversation rather than just start it. A great way to stay active in your brand’s social conversation is to monitor your social feeds and create keyword searches mentioning your brand.

2. Comment on industry news.

In addition to joining the conversation that your brand narrates, it is important to monitor and stay up to date on industry news and to comment as a brand where necessary. This is a great tactic for introducing your brand to new followers and staying relevant in an ever changing landscape. Creating keyword searches related to your brand and industry are beneficial to be able to monitor and review trending hashtags. By monitoring and reviewing trending hashtags, it gives you the accessibility to comment on topics related to your brand. 

3. Distribute content across the right channels.

When creating social posts, make sure you share appropriate content on the appropriate channels. To increase your engagement on social media, it is important to distribute to the right channels to ensure you are connecting with the right audience. Create goals and objectives for each channel and when creating social content only share content on the channel where it aligns.

4. Use social advertising.

A fast and cost-efficient way to increase engagement is through targeted social media advertising across social channels. You can target an engaged audience based on many parameters: keywords, location, demographics, behaviors and so on. This notion allows brands to ensure their message and content is getting in front of the right audience to increase their social engagement.

5. Be clever and creative with your social posting.

An easy way to increase social engagement is to create great content to share on your channels. Getting creative and clever with your messaging is a foolproof way to engage your audience. Hold creative brainstorms with coworkers from outside your department to get a fresh look on your social content strategy and campaigns to create new ideas.

6. Use strong calls to action.

In addition to creating strong messaging in your social posts, providing clear call to actions will increase social engagement. Your followers and readers need direction on what to do next. Don’t just put the link you want them to visit in the social post, tell them to visit the link. The less they need to think the better and the more direction you provide, the more likely they’ll actually engage.

7. Research relevant hashtags.

Similar to commenting on industry news, another way to increase your social engagement is to leverage trending and relevant hashtags in your content strategy. Adding relevant hashtags to your social posts allows your brand to join a larger or trending conversation on social media. Hashtags are easy to search for on social media, do your research before using to make sure it’s appropriate, relevant and not being used by a competitor.

8. Follow people back.

A quick and easy way to increase social engagement is to create a following strategy for your brands on social media. When you follow people and accounts back, you are increasing your brand's exposure to a new and larger audience. In addition to following people back and following relevant social accounts can help you increase your engagement. You can search on Twitter for keywords of accounts profiles to create a robust and applicable follower list.
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