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Josh Hamerman

Josh Hamerman is Assistant Vice President/Financial at JConnelly.
11 Apr 2019
Technology | 2 min read

How Your Company Can Mitigate Reputational Damage from a Cyberattack

One of the many frightening aspects of our modern existence is the eve...

19 Mar 2019

Create Pre-Launch Awareness with a Technology Prototype

While it is important to avoid falling into the trap of a failed tech ...

21 Feb 2019

How to Avoid a Tech Launch Fail

Nothing is certain, especially when planning for the launch of a new o...

31 Jan 2019

What to Consider Before Launching a Fintech Solution

Inventions are often ahead of their time. When you develop an idea for...

15 Nov 2018
Public Relations | 3 min read

6 Tips for Acing Your Next Phone Interview

Interviews with journalists are vital for communicating your brand’s m...

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