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Julie Goodman

Julie Goodman is a Vice President at JConnelly. Before joining the agency, she braved a long career as a journalist, covering transformation in Zimbabwe, Hezbollah in Lebanon, and politics in Mississippi. Now, she is content to focus on mutual fund firms and other asset managers.
14 May 2020

How to Embrace the Power of Positive Storytelling

As COVID-19 has abruptly recast companies across industries into new r...

23 Oct 2019

How to Engage Your Audience with a Powerful Brand Message

Building a brand message for your company can feel like a daunting tas...

24 Sep 2019

How to Make Your Financial Blog Platform Stand Out


01 Aug 2019
Financial | 5 min read

Not All Women Need a Lesson in Financial Literacy

Second of a two-part series on reaching the female investor. Women are...

30 Jul 2019
Financial | 6 min read

What History Reveals About Women Who Played the Market

Susan B. Anthony and other women of the suffrage and women’s rights mo...

06 Jun 2019

How to Create a Clear Brand Voice

Is your brand warm and folksy, or formal and sophisticated? Smart and ...

21 May 2019
CSR Highly Regulated | 4 min read

A Plastic Fork for a Planet: The Hard Truth of Disruptive Marketing

  The New York City government’s move recently to halt purchases of si...

25 Apr 2019

How Oatly’s Marketing Strategy Created an ‘Oatsome’ Milk Alternative

  Chances are you’ve heard something about oat milk lately. Maybe you’...

28 Mar 2019

How to Plan a PR Strategy for a Blockchain Company

  Blockchain is no longer underground “gadgetry” for tech gurus in dri...

28 Feb 2019

Turning Regulatory Glare into Brand Flair: How Highly Regulated Brands Can Stand Out with Media

Companies who operate under an intense regulatory glare—from cannabis ...

18 Dec 2018

What Happened when One Politician Rejected 'Outrage' Culture

We’ve become accustomed to the Internet-style “outrage” that populates...

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