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Ray Hennessey

02 Apr 2019
| 2 min read

How to Navigate the Darker Side of Twitter

  Is Twitter still a safe space for brands?

05 Mar 2019
Crisis Strategic Counsel | 3 min read

Avoid the Trap of a Blanket Denial in a Crisis

There’s a scene in the 1967 classic A Guide to the Married Man where J...

08 Jan 2019

The Opportunities and Dangers of Your Own Fiji Water Girl

A woman no one knew upstaged all the celebrities on the red carpet at ...

06 Dec 2018
Crisis | 2 min read

Posting the Wrong Image Can Ruin Your Message

Smart people are careful about the words they use on social media, und...

06 Nov 2018
Strategic Counsel | 2 min read

Why a Smile Is Vital to Your Message

Smile, damn it. While the message and words you deliver in either a me...

02 Oct 2018
Crisis Luxury | 2 min read

Don’t Be Like Elon Musk. But Don’t Be Silent on Social, Either

Just because Elon Musk needs to have his Twitter taken away from him d...

11 Sep 2018

Are Speaking Engagements Worth It?

  There’s nothing like the thrill of speaking in front of a crowd. You...

28 Aug 2018
Public Relations | 2 min read

8 Tips for Fourth Quarter Brand Building

A lot of companies back off on their communications activities during ...

26 Jul 2018
Crisis | 3 min read

How to Handle a Crisis When Your Founder Is the Problem

One of the byproducts of the modern age of entrepreneurship is that ma...

19 Jun 2018
Crisis | 2 min read

How to Apologize When Faced With a Crisis

There’s more to an apology than simply saying you’re sorry.

24 May 2018
Crisis | 3 min read

Facing a Lawsuit? Don’t Ignore the Court of Public Opinion

When it comes to litigation, people often forget that there are two co...


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