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Written by Megan Snyder
on November 27, 2018

Employees looking at color palette- Why You Need Brand standards

Brand standards are a set of guidelines that define how to use brand elements across all business assets. Everything—from your color palette, logo and fonts to messaging and tone of voice—informs how your company is presented to the public.

These rules should be applied regularly in order to continue building a strong identity. A brand style guide can help organize the do’s and don’ts of how each element should be used.

Keep reading for more reasons why brand guidelines should be a priority for your business.

Set the tone for your brand

In business and life, setting the right tone is important. The wrong color lipstick or a questionable shoe choice can turn an otherwise perfect outfit into a fashion faux-pas. The same goes for your brand.

Establishing the right aesthetics and tone of voice advises how you are communicating with your audience. For example, if your color palette consists mainly of muted colors and traditional font, you may give off a tone that is more conservative. A palette with brighter colors and a more modern font will give off a different vibe. Without identifying brand standards, your business may be perceived in the wrong way.   

Make your brand stand out

Digital marketing experts estimate that most Americans are exposed to around 4,000 to 10,000 ads per day. That’s a lot of products and services competing for attention. It puts into perspective just how important it is to establish an identity that's unique to your business.

While it does take time, the goal is to eventually turn awareness into recognition. Think about the biggest and most recognizable brands, the ones that you can name just by looking at their logo and color scheme. Even if you don’t reach that level of familiarity, as long as your core audience can pick you out of the crowd, you’re doing something right.

Consistency adds value

If you have a cohesive look across all business assets, it increases your perceived value because new and existing customers may view you as more professional and credible. It also demonstrates that you pay attention to the details and integrity of your own brand, which may also lead them to feel more confident in your capabilities. 

The best way to ensure consistency is to create a style guide with standards for everyone to follow.

Not sure where to start?  Click the image below to download our top tips. 

Set the Tone: JConnelly's Tips for Building a Brand Style Guide


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