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Written by JConnelly Content Team
on September 28, 2017

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Podcasts have the ability to unite people with similar passions and can be a great tool for facilitating conversation. 

For marketers and entrepreneurs, the question remains: How can the power of podcast be used to expand your brand? 

Level-Up Your Engagement

Podcasts are an effective tool for increasing engagement because they communicate content more intimately than emails, white papers, and social media. Hearing a podcast makes the listener feel as if they're part of the brand's conversation, causing them to connect and build a relationship with your brand. This personal association is key because customers are more likely to purchase goods or services from a brand they trust.

Demonstrate Your Passion

Podcasts provide a unique outlet to share your brand story and display your passion, allowing you to quite literally capture your brand voice. The passion and excitement you express over the airwaves will inspire your listeners who, in turn, will want to share your podcast with others.

Creating a podcast demonstrates your willingness to go the extra mile for your brand as well as your ability to go above and beyond expectations. Additionally, podcasting proves to potential customers that you're disciplined in research, writing and public speaking.

Highlight Corporate Culture

One element of a stellar brand is strong corporate culture. Many brands, however, neglect to define their beliefs and behaviors. Podcasts present an opportunity to authentically express values, highlight top talent and showcase successful campaigns. If executed properly, podcasts can serve as a recruitment tool for future employees.

Showcase Industry Expertise

Producing a podcast helps establish you as an industry influencer and lets you  showcase your in-depth knowledge of the industry. By sharing industry news, tips and best practices your brand will be seen as a trusted, reputable source and people will come to rely on it for industry information. Podcasts also provide an opportunity to show off industry connections or notable, high-profile clients.


Podcasts are a colorful way for brands to repurpose stale content and can be an effective tool in your brand’s marketing mix. Brands can use podcasts to support ongoing marketing campaigns and integrate SEO search terms to increase web traffic. Podcasts can also be used as a unique touch point in initial outreach to prospective clients. 

Expand Your Network               

Regularly podcasting introduces your brand to new audiences and can penetrate untapped communities. Having the ear of podcast subscribers is beneficial because they’re a “Ride or Die” audience – listeners who are interested in your brand’s content typically listen to the series religiously.

Additionally, frequently hosting podcasts raises your influencer status and can lead to speaking opportunities at industry conferences where you can further promote your brand. Hosting a podcast sharpens your public speaking skills, allowing you to develop a natural confidence when addressing large audiences.

Lastly, podcasts provide you with an opportunity to connect with other influencers and can lead to collaborative opportunities such as guest hosting on other podcasts, attending events and establishing referral partners – all of which expand your brand.




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