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Written by Megan Snyder
on February 16, 2017

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A well-rounded marketing campaign should include multiple tactics for increasing your outreach to new prospects and customers. Simply put: don’t put all your eggs in one basket. If you rely on only one approach, you might be missing out on an opportunity to stretch your results even further. Understanding how paid, earned, shared and owned media/content—also known as the PESO model—can work together is important in creating a healthy campaign that is comprised of the right mix. 

The cost of doing business

Advertisements and any other type of “pay for play” opportunities fall in the “paid” category. This also includes sponsoring content in a newsletter or on a publication’s website, for example. It looks more editorial and less like an ad, which can be beneficial in some instances.

Not just a hand out

Most PR campaign results fall in the “earned” category. Your PR team works hard to build relationships with journalists and other members of the media. Coupled with a compelling story and expert interview, your business has the potential to be featured or mentioned within relevant news articles.

Made this myself

Your company blog, opinion pieces, infographics, videos and anything else that has been developed internally falls in the “owned” category. This material typically lives on your website and other similar landing pages.

Sharing is caring

Content that is distributed on your company’s social media channels falls in the “shared” category. These include tweets, LinkedIn and Facebook posts, Instagram and more.

Now that we know the differences between these types of materials, how can one help another? Assess all the content you own, and depending on the campaign’s goals, decide what makes sense to include in your strategy. Click here to read more about prioritizing the most effective tactics in your marketing campaign.

To get started, here are five ways your owned content can support the rest:

  1. A blog post can be repurposed into a byline that can be pitched to trade media or be used as sponsored content within an ad campaign. Bylined articles are great ways to display your expertise in a certain area and they ensure your key messages are front and center.
  2. Infographics can provide valuable snippets of content like compelling statistics and interesting comparisons that can also be the focus of a media outreach strategy.
  3. Social media can be used as a platform for showcasing your owned content like the infographic example. Learn which channels your customers are primarily on and consider sharing video clips, links to blog posts, e-books, images and more.
  4. Take your social media efforts one step further and boost a post or create a social ad. The process is generally user friendly, affordable and effective.
  5. Videos make attractive assets and people are more inclined to click when they see one. Use it to define your business’ services, expertise and above all, tell your story.


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