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on February 05, 2020

JConnelly blog- How to Use Personalization as a Marketing Tool

Personalization was the unofficial marketing buzzword of 2019 and will continue to be a trend in 2020. Its purpose is simple: to deliver the right message to the right person. If your message doesn’t immediately connect with consumers, consider it lost.

Creating a positive and memorable encounter with your audience is a must, even before they decide to do business with you.  It’s no surprise that when you deliver tailored content, you’re able to improve customer experience, increase brand loyalty and build more quality leads.

Digital Tools are Revolutionizing the User Experience

Artificial intelligence is changing how companies and brands communicate with consumers. The ability to data mine an individual’s web presence makes personalization easily attainable and ultimately influences how we make decisions.

Digital entertainment services like Amazon and Netflix give users recommendations based on previous activity, smart voice aids like Siri and Alexa connect us to unlimited information and chatbots make it possible for brands to automate and personalize user assistance, making consumers’ worlds wider and the competitive stakes to reach them greater.

Customize Content to Attract Quality Leads

Before user experience comes into play, marketers must consider what it’s going to take to get someone to become a user in the first place. SmarterHQ reported 72% of consumers in 2019 only engage with marketing messages that are tailored to their specific interests. Learning everything you can about what’s important to your audience will help guide your message. To do this, you need data.

Data is Central to Learning About Your Customers and Behaviors of Your Leads

Personalized marketing is a strategy that uses data to deliver a targeted message to an individual prospect—often through automation—placing a larger focus on quality rather than quantity. This differs from traditional marketing, where it’s more typical to cast a wider net that lacks individual attention.   

How to Collect Data

The data lies in consumer interactions and engagements like surveys and forms people can fill out in exchange for a piece of content, for instance. The key is finding a way to entice your leads to want to give up information about themselves that you can use to provide even more valuable content that they want to receive. Eventually, trust begins to form, and relationships follow.

New Technology to Track Video Viewership

There is an excess of ways companies can use personalized data. For example, ThinkAdvisor reported on a few new personalization technologies that were announced at FinovateFall in 2019 including BlueRush’s IndiVideo interactive personalized video technology platform for advisors and other financial institutions. The IndiVideo platform tracks viewer activity to help its customers understand how different audience segments interact with their videos.

Buyer Personas: One of the Keys to Targeted PR and Marketing

The first step to any communications strategy is to know who it is you’re targeting. The best way to do this is by developing buyer personas, which is an idealized version of your customer segments. By understanding important qualities, how they consume content and where their interests lie, you can begin to personalize your communications approach.

Make Better Connections with Personalization

It’s more important than ever to personalize your PR and marketing strategies. The key is learning everything you can about your audience so you can tailor your message to fit their needs and create a memorable experience.  


Click the link below to learn more about buyer personas:

Buyer Personas: One of the Keys to Targeted PR and Marketing



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