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Written by Team JConnelly
on October 26, 2017


Good business leaders inspire great ideas. Part of that means empowering employees to exercise their minds in an environment that supports and encourages creativity. When people are given the flexibility to be productive in ways that help them grow personally and professionally, it also snowballs into company growth.

Everyone wins when leaders set the right tone. It’s not enough to say people have the freedom to be creative if actions speak otherwise. Lead by example, embrace your own creativity and consider these guidelines:

Challenge Routine

The status quo should never be good enough.  How do you continue to improve if everything around you is changing, but you’re on the same stale path? Creative leaders are forward thinkers and the desire to find new ways to evolve their business is always top of mind. Doing something just because it’s the way things have always been done is not a valid reason to ignore new industry trends or avoid progress.   

Don’t be Afraid of Failure

Listen to your intuition and take risks. True creative leaders let logic and intuition work together. It’s ok to follow your instincts and listen to your gut in certain situations. Failing is inevitable, so don’t let it stop you from speaking up, trying new things and getting it wrong. Making mistakes is how we learn. Every misstep is an opportunity to continue experimenting until you land on something amazing.

Take Action

Rather than spending too much time talking about a good idea, make it a reality. Creative leaders move fast and take the necessary steps to put new ideas into action. It’s hard not to nit-pick, especially when it’s your name on the line. Trust your team and consider handing over some of the control (I know, it’s not easy). After all, striving for perfection is just an excuse to procrastinate.

Embrace New Experiences

Talk to new people, go on that trip you’ve been putting off and learn something new every day. The more experiences you have and knowledge you soak in, the better you’re able to think in new ways and view things from different angles.

Value Others’ Ideas

Don’t limit who you learn from. You may have more work experience under your belt, but titles don’t determine intelligence and creative abilities. Good ideas can come from anyone. Creative leaders respect others’ opinions and are receptive to disagreements and healthy debates.

Encourage a Creative Work Environment

Inspiration can take hold anywhere and in unconventional ways.  When employees have the space to be productive in ways that work best for them, creativity can flourish. From the physical space to allowing more flexibility, companies that think about what’s best for their employees not only attract the best and brightest professionals, they also inspire their teams to give their all, every day. 

There are certain behaviors a creative leader emanates and the good news is anyone can follow suit. Take note of these actions and apply them to your own leadership style.

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