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Written by Kelsey Woodbridge
on August 22, 2019
All You Need to Know About Video

Video isn’t solely about camera angles and lighting but also how it’s packaged and presented to the audience. This is evolving traditional marketing tactics—pushing companies to use more video and in modern ways. If you find that your written posts or photos aren’t attracting the attention you’re looking for, try posting a video instead. Facebook videos have a 135% higher organic reach than posts. This considered, video can not only gain a higher reach but increase your likelihood of engagement with the audience that’s viewing.

Below, we’ve linked to our top six blogs with advice on how to use video in your marketing campaigns.

1. Wowing Your Audience with Video

Like most good things in life, there isn’t just one way to use video. Each brand is different and requires a unique approach—are you launching a new product, educating the consumer pool on your industry or trying to tell a story? Start by identifying the desired outcome and work from there.

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2. Starting on Live Video

Social media has brought immense popularity to live video, and there’s no stop in sight. With the competition for attention all around us, live video can capture users longer than on-demand videos. Our advice: knowing when to use live video is key to its success.

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3. Using Video at Every Stage of the Marketing Funnel

From planning to production to promotion, video marketing is not cheap, nor easy. While your product demo video may be quality content, it’s probably ineffective for those that are unaware of your brand. Strategically deciding where to use video and at which part of the marketing funnel, is a great way to make your investment worthwhile.

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4. Creating Video for Social Media

With different algorithms for various platforms and a constant scrolling page, it can be hard to capture followers on social media, especially if your competition is more engaging. The goal with social media is to get users to: stop, watch, keep watching, and engage.

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5. Live Video Storytelling

We’re at the peak of live video. With the popularity of social platforms like Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram, consumers can watch live stories from their friends, influencers, or even businesses. This unfiltered and raw approach to consuming content is impacting how companies approach marketing. Opposed to traditional video with edits, scripts and various effects, live video provides a high level of authenticity—making it a perfect vehicle for storytelling.

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6. Making Videos More Shareable

Like a favorite movie, if a video is good enough, we’ll play it on repeat and then tell our friends about it. Videos can go viral in seconds or even weeks, increasing the reach of your message and brand. The trick is to put your video in the best position to get that share button clicked.

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